Product Information

Care for Planter Boxes: Our Planter Boxes are custom-made in cellular PVC, which is a very dense, hard plastic, often used in exterior building applications. It does not rot, making it ideal for use as a garden container. It has 6-8 holes drilled into the base, so that water can drain. An additional liner is not necessary. 

The paint used for the exterior finish must be a vinyl-safe formula. We use Sherwin Williams SuperPaint, exterior latex, and we request that our paints are made in a vinyl-safe formula. While our standard color offerings are white and Charleston green, we can also do a custom color finish. Please consult a professional painter to touch-up or repaint your boxes. 

Over time, darker colors will fade if exposed to direct sunlight. We advise lighter colors if possible.

For wooden garden accents:  We use woods such as cypress, cedar, ash, and redwood, which are all durable, hold their form over time and crack very little.  Most often we choose cedar for our products.  We add a sealer to the bases of our pieces that will be installed in the ground, which helps prevent moisture from penetrating the wood.  We use rust-proof, stainless steel screws to bind joints.  These screws are headless and are not visible on the surface of the piece.

For PVC garden accents: We use Sherwin Williams SuperPaint, exterior latex, in a vinyl-safe formula.

All Sales Final. Eastover Collection only accepts returns due to transportation damage.